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I really like Pokémon.  I was born during the time of Generation I.  I've been to a Pokémon Convention before and I actually have some little figures from it.  One's a Bulbasaur and one is Minun.  I have two heavy binders full of cards.  I also have a Pokémon Black and White tin box full of cards.  I collect mainly cards, my best being a Shining Celebi from Neo Destiny, I believe.  

My Shining Celebi Card

A few figures
These are just random plastic figures I had laying around.
Cards, games and cases

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Hey there I saw that you had a post about some TOMY figures you own. I am very interested in the prototype tentacool figure. Would you be selling it? Please let me know. Can you please also provide me a way to contact you? Somehow I cannot send you a PM. Thanks.

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